CBR Fund essentials :

The core motivation of the Cross Border Reconstruction (CBR) fund is to rebuild social, commercial and facilities infrastructures in order to speed up the implementation of environmentally sound practices in the post war areas and reduce the human impact on global warming in these regions where the lack of economic opportunities may lead the local people to follow short paths that in the end will worsen the situation. The CBR Fund will bring an inclusive solution to the drawbacks described in the previous section, by providing a strong support to public/private partnerships in sub national and local initiatives while favouring the development of cross border value chains that are responsibly operated, environmentally sound, and economicaly sustainable. The risk is mitigated by a blended investment approach involving private companies as well as public institutions investing in different share classes corresponding to different risk profiles. The long term sustainability is guaranteed , and resulting from a business like selection and management process to make sure that a selected project is bankable.

  • Working at Sub National and local level to optimize the efficiency of the fund
  • Consider cross border interactions to rebuild historic value chains and solve regional issues
  • Focus on infrastructure and industrial projects that participates in
  • promotion of value chains with strong economic and social impact
  • Enforcement and improvement of ecological and environmental situation
  • Focusing on the mining and natural resources value chains in order to impact quickly and sorely the country economy.
  • Enforcing traceability practices and introducing ethical certification processes
  • Running the project in a private/public cooperation scheme to benefit from expertise and advantages of both sides.
  • Controlling and ensuring the project bankability through a business like approach
  • Providing the project managers and investors with global and local assistance in order to mitigate the risk, ease the implementation in the target area and facilitate the commercial output of the project.

Partners and Operators


Eurasia Industries SA is a Swiss company specialized in private equity investments and business development in Eurasia (Europe, Russia, Central Asia, Asia). Eurasia Industries, through its investments, is present in various sectors including, electronics & automation, manufacturing and logistics, precious metals and gemstones trade, integrated services for value chains. Eurasia Industries has offices or representatives in Switzerland, Russia, South Africa, USA, Colombia, Brazil, China, Afghanistan, and Irak.


R20, Regions of Climate Action is a not for profit international organization founded in 2011 by the former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in cooperation with a number of leading Regions, the United Nations, Development Banks, Clean-Tech companies, Academia and a number of NGO’s, to support sub-national governments around the world to develop and finance green infrastructure projects. R20, with its partners and the support of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, has created a unique value chain and financial ecosystem that facilitates the identification, structuring, development, and financing of sub-national green infrastructure projects. R20 essentially acts as a liaison manager between sub-national authorities, technology providers and public-private investors, harnessing the best expertise that is available the length of the project development value chain to deliver explicit results in line with the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Ethical Stones is a Swiss NGO founded in 2015 in order to support Afghan Panjshiri miners to modernize the Emeralds value chain, by, facilitating the access to the western jewellery market, introducing modern banking procedures, favouring the emergence of local gemstons processing activities and more recently proposing an ethical certification scheme for the gemstones. Ethical Stones is also active in Colombia and Tajikistan where it helps artisanal miners to join local cooperatives and licence their mines, allowing them therefore to apply for grants or seek investors in order to modernize their operations, increase their productivity and reduce their environmental impact.