Key figures :

Investment domains :
  • Mining and Minerals processing
  • Green Energy
  • Waste management and water treatment
  • Logistics

Investment figures :
  • 30 projects for a total of MEUR 400.
  • Target profitability 7% per annum
  • Duration : 10 years

Engagement policies :
  • Projects must be bankable
  • Projects must have positive environmental impact
  • Projects must participate in the promotion or facilitation of value chains
  • Projects must create local sustainable jobs

Process Flow :
A local team operates in partnership with local authorities, entrepreneurs, NGOs to select and analyse possible projects in post conflict areas. The projects are improved with the support from industrial value chains specialists, aiming to ensure long term profitability and commercial success for the project.
Once defined, the project is submitted to the investment committee.
After approval the project is funded and controled by the assistance committee, while our industrial partners will support the implementation of the projects with local people/auhtorities.